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Verde Dono

Murals made for Iren 

Imagine being welcomed by a giant hand, an essence of the earth itself, reaching out to you with a gift: a vase.
This gesture recalls the practice of bringing a gift when invited to someone’s home, often a vase containing one or more plants. But this is not an ordinary vase. Inside, a tumult of life unfolds in a harmonious ballet of plants and symbols

Here, you will not find traditional flowers, but a kaleidoscope of elements reflecting our transition towards an ecologically sustainable future: LED bulbs, solar panels, wind turbines, and more. It is an invitation to take care of this earth that offers us so much.

 The compositions unfold endlessly along the four walls, embodying the circularity of the energies that surround us, where the vase of one blends with the surface of another. In this work, hospitality becomes a visual symphony of kindness and ecological awareness.