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Koi fish – Japan

Stickers series
1 frame at a time, 1 experience at a time.

A mixed media project, where the illustration merges with photography. Taking advantage of a trip to Japan, the idea of creating a sequence of 21 carp, representing this journey against the current, coming out of the water to visit and explore the territory so close to them.

The carp goes out, turns, swims and discovers incredible landscapes, between temples and cities, nature and culture, thus becoming a messenger of discovery.

Koi no Taki Nobori means Carps swimming up the waterfall.

Koi carp have a special symbolic significance in Japanese culture, and have had for centuries.

According to Japanese folklore, koi have the ability to swim upstream despite strong currents and can even change into dragons if they can ascend a particular waterfall.

As a result, they have become emblems of tenacity and embody the desire to overcome challenges.

In this way, koi carp are seen as having similar traits to a samurai warrior, who, in their legend, also battles against the odds to achieve their goals.