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City Fingerprint

Pinerolo (Turin) – Historical center

The idea is to abstractly represent the identity and landmark of the historic center, by interacting the design with the location where it will be implemented.

The project originated in the central part of the wall, with a schematic representation of the map of the citadel of Pinerolo, dating back to the seventeenth century, showing from above the area corresponding to the historic center of the city.

The map expands into concentric geometries that dilate on the wall, to pick up the significant graphic feature of the fingerprint, symbolizing the identity of a person and in this case taken as a fingerprint and identity symbol of a place, the heart of the historic center, from its origins. The background develops in shades of colors from the center’s palette, with various shapes and geometries contrasting with the map, in order to enhance the color and make everything more harmonious.

murales pinerolo oscar