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City Fingerprint

Pinerolo (Turin) – Historical center

The idea is to abstractly represent the identity and sign of the historic center, making the design interact with the place in which it will be made.
The design was born in the central part of the wall, with a schematic representation of the map of the citadel of Pinerolo, dating back to the seventeenth century, where the area that now corresponds to the historic center of the city is shown from above.
The map at that point expands into concentric geometries that expand on the wall, to resume the significant stretch
fingerprint graphic, symbol of a person’s identity and in this case taken as a fingerprint and identity symbol of a
place, the heart of the historic center, starting from its origins.
The background develops on the shades of colors of the palette of the center, with different shapes and geometries in contrast with the map, in order to enhance the color and make everything more harmonious.