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Adidas – Ultra Boost

UltraBOOST 19 London 

London’s energy is movement.There is no city in the world like London. There is so much energy and movement that you cannot help but be overwhelmed by it.Movement, in this proposal, represented by the iconic figure of London public transports mediums, as well as double-decker buses, converges toward the city center, mutating into a ray of energy and vectors facing toward the shoe, thus iconifying movement.

Behind the three main lines, a representation of the transports map of London emerges from the center, channeling all the energy into the sole of the shoe, which responds by the optimum mode of human transport.

The incoming left side of the v-shape appears as the different modes of London transport, emerging from a stream of energy before impacting against the center, then emerging again from the center in a more tangible form, culminating in the Adidas shoe as a real object.